Suppliers of Acetal CoPolymer, Homo polymer for automotive and other engineering applications. POM stands out due to its low moisture absorption. Polyacetal has a high ultimate bending strength and a high modulus of elasticity; polyacetal is stiff and tough and, in comparison to other thermoplastics, it has a lower creep. The sliding properties are good, but the wear resistance is less than with cast PA 6. Suppliers, dealers, traders and manufacturers of acetal, polyacetal co-polymer and acetal homopolymer. Source POM brands including Delrin, Celcon, Duracon for manufacturing engineering products. Application: slider pads and gears in high moisture environments, electrical insulating parts. For more information contact

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8 color, 1250 mm Fisher & Krecke Ci Flexo Press

8 color, 1250 mm Fisher & Krecke Ci Flexo Press