For your requirements of Polycarbonate, optical grade PC, PC for engineering applications, Polycarbonate compounds write to Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and stiffness as well as good creep resistance. PC is transparent due to its amorphous molecular structure. PC has excellent impact resistance over a wide temperature range including very cold temperatures. The combination of impact resistance and transparency makes Polycarbonate an ideal material for protector panels, covers and safety glass in construction and construction equipment. Contact with cleaning agents and solvents can, however, lead to stress cracks. Special grades of PC which retain their impact resistance over many years, even outdoors, are available for glazing applications. These modified grades of polycarbonate are practically indestructible.

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200 ton Van Dorn high speed injection molding machine

200 ton Van Dorn high speed injection molding machine