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Stricter mileage and emission regulations are driving the trend for lighter vehicles that consume less fuel. These regulations will continue to become more demanding and increasingly strict over the next few decades. They will continue to stimulate newer developments in polymers and polymer composites because or their lightweight, which in turn improves vehicle fuel efficiency. Compared to traditional reinforcements such as glass fiber, natural fibers offer several environmental benefits. They are renewable, biodegradable and require less energy to produce. Read more in
The Indian plastic compounding industry witnessed a robust growth of 10-12%, triggered by high growth of the end-user industries, particularly the automotive sector. India's automotive industry, growing at nearly 15% before the economic downturn, is well on the road to recovery, as demand for cars increases with growing needs of its aspirational middle class. The plastic compounding industry is heavily dependent on the automotive sector, hence launch of new vehicles, particularly in the small and mid car segments, is expected to drive demand of polymer compounds in India. Read more in
Geomembrane is used for floating cover system in reservoirs to prevent loss of fluid due to evaporation. Introduced in the 1970s, their life span has proven they have a service life of over 30 years. The advancements in design and materials now produce floating covers to offer the low cost quality solution of choice where water quality standards require potable water reservoirs be covered. Read more in
CFRP composites are increasingly being used in several new manufacturing applications where performance, high strength and reduced weight are important. Disposal of a composite structure at end of its service life becomes difficult. While landfills remain the least expensive option, new laws forbid landfill disposal of composites. Some commercially available methods of recovering carbon fiber have their shortcomings resulting in reduction of properties of fiber. A new research has developed a method of recovering carbon fiber in the near virgin state which would retain almost 100% of the fiber properties. Read in
Silver ion rapidly kills microbes by blocking the cell respiration pathway or breaking outer cell wall, almost instantly, once the silver reaches the microbe. Wound dressing kills bacteria effectively, but also ends up killing critical cells. An innovative solution to wound dressing that does not result in killing of critical cells of wounds has been developed. Read more in
Coal power plants convert stored energy in coal to usable electricity. Fly ash particles are found in the flue gas and can cause serious erosion on metal surfaces along its flow path. Fly ash removal and transfer is a very important process of all coal-fired power plants. Coal attacks steel and alloy components when the fuel is transported about the plant. A FRP pipe based on a vinyl ester resin and abrasion resistant filler greatly reduces the degree of abrasion in the inner surface of the pipe systems. Read more in
Seal performance can be enhanced by using nanoparticles as fillers for polytetrafluoroethylene-based (PTFE) sealing materials. Different types of nanoparticles have different effects on the wear resistance of PTFE, going from virtually no effect to wear reductions beyond a factor of 50. For some, nanoparticles performance was dependent on whether systems were running dry or lubricated. Read in
Advanced composite cylinder tubing materials provide high performance and value compared to aluminum and other similar metallic materials. The cylinder is composed of a tube of engineered composite material that has been specifically designed to meet pressure and usage requirements. Read more in
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Spot propylene prices have spiked to US$1055/MT in Asia in the week of July 26, 2010. August shipment...
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