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Latin American petrochemical industry has been impacted by the global economic recession, with some countries facing a deeper crisis and a slower recovery. Though the lowest point of the global recession has been passed, recovery seems to be a long drawn process. For many years the potential of Latin America's petrochemical players to rank among the world's leading players has been thwarted by seemingly complex and impenetrable rules and political uncertainty. However, in recent years political and economic stability has come to many of the regions' countries, and with that a desire to develop industries and generate wealth. Read more in
Bioplastics, with consumption of only just above 225,000 tons in 2008 will reach a level of about 900,000 tons by 2013, and 2 mln tons by 2018. This extraordinary growth will be fueled by several factors including consumer demand for more environmentally-sustainable products, development of bio-based feedstocks for commodity plastic resins and increasing restrictions on the use of plastic products, particularly plastic bags. Read more in
Photovoltaic is a key technology option to accomplish the shift to a decarbonised energy supply. Global solar resources are abundant and cannot be monopolized by one country. Regardless for what reasons and how fast the oil price and energy prices increase in the future, Photovoltaic and other renewable energies are the only ones to offer a reduction of prices rather than an increase in the future. Asia Pacific photovoltaic markets are poised to make a significant contribution to global photovoltaic market growth in 2010 following improvements in the policy environment in most of the key countries in this region. To know details, read
Driven by growth in China, Asia is the fastest growing and most dynamic market for thermoplastic masterbatch products in the world. Several factors drive the growth of masterbatches in China. Many global players supply to this fast growing market that is catered to by about 500 domestic producers. Though it is the world's fastest-growing and largest market, the Chinese consumers are very price sensitive. Several processors have not yet switched from dry pigmentation to masterbatches. Read about other challenges faced in this market, in
The current trend in the healthcare packaging industry is to develop products which measure up to the highest standards and enable packaging design which is user-friendly, though childproof. It requires smart packaging without the risk of leakage and safe disposal of healthcare products. LDPE resin grades have been developed by leading polymer manufacturers for Blow Fill Seal technologies. These grades support a broad spectrum of healthcare applications, varying from containers, bottles, closures and bags to ampoules and connectors. Read more in
Applications of solar technologies have been limited to advanced roof solutions that use solar cells to ventilate vehicle interiors. Recent and ongoing technological advancements will soon shift the focus from comfort and convenience to power train applications. As applications expand, the cost of solar cell is expected to fall, making it possible for an increasing number of customers to look forward to a 'greener,' less-polluting vehicle. Read about technology advances in polysilicon solar cells, thin-film solar cells and third-generation solar cells, in
Hybrid polymers can be associated to fast, efficient and cheap methods of generating innovative products or innovative manufacturing methods. They open the door to unique properties unusual for polymers such as electrical conductivity, gas barrier effect and optical properties. The versatility of hybrid polymers leads to a number of applications concerning a multitude of industrial sectors. Read in
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Ethylene prices have recoiled in Asia to US$870/MT in the week of July 12, 2010 after news was released of a fire...
Propylene prices have bounced back to US$1035/MT in Asia in the week of July 12, 2010. A sudden shutdown at Formosa’s cracker could result in reduced...
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