About IVC

The Indian Vinyl Council is set up and exclusively dedicated to the cause of entire PVC value chain. The objective of the forum is to serve all the stakeholders of Vinyl Family, that is, the resin producers, additives and related chemical producers, converters, processing and ancillary equipment manufacturers, recyclers of Vinyl products and the end users. With the active and harmonious participation; the members, end users and the public at large will all stand to reap considerable benefits.

The Council will play a pivotal role as the hub of advocacy between the government (state and central), policy makers, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to pave the way for the industry by eliminating obstacles and opening the doors to expand the market for the Vinyl industry.

Adding greater momentum to the growth of the Vinyl industry through networking will also be one of the core responsibilities of the Council. It will work towards increasing access to the industry’s leaders and enabling them to connect seamlessly with suppliers, academia, regulators, scientists and experts through seminars, conferences, technical meetings and other events.


One of our top priorities is to ensure the efficient diffusion of knowledge to all our members, on the state of art technology, market perspectives, statistics & information and details of global initiatives on sustainability… all relevant to the Vinyl and allied industries. Our focused approach is to work towards the welfare of mankind and encourage responsible care in an environmentally sustainable manner as practiced and specified in circular economy principles and models.

We strongly believe in supporting & encouraging innovation, and training & skill development within the Vinyl value chain, to facilitate raising the competency and the level of industry to global standards.

We are also committed to developing technical standards for maintaining quality and consistency to enhance the acceptance of Poly Vinyl Chloride and related products and multiply its application in all spheres of life.

VINYL is an integral part of our Daily life

Managing Committee
Working Committee
Fund raising /membership Committee
Chairman Mr. Vivekanand Sane
Members Mr. Jaideep Bihani
Mr. Ashish Aggarwal
Dr S M Diwan
Mr. Rajiv Trivedi
Website Committee
Chairman Mr.Sanjay Nawander
Members Mr. Robin Banerjee
Mr. Ashish Aggarwal
Ms. Aruna Kumari
Policy Advocacy Committee
Chairman Dr SM Diwan
Members Mr. Ashish Aggarwal
Mr. Jaideep Bihani
Conference/Webinar Committeee
Chairman Ms.Aruna Kumari
Members Mr. Ashish Aggarwal
Dr. SM Diwan
Mr. Sanjay Nawender