Why to Become a Member

Benefits of Becoming a Member

As you may be aware, Vinyl Polymers are in commercial use worldwide for more than 100 years and continue to be an important segment of the Plastic Industry contributing to the National Development and overall quality of life. Due to the versatility of Vinyl Polymers and their ability to be compounded in various forms, it is extremely important that its industrial development should be directed with utmost knowledge and care in such a manner that the entire Value Chain consisting of Polymers, Primary Processing & Ancillary Equipment Manufacturers, Additives & End Products and all other Stakeholders, including the public at large should be benefited.

In view of the above, it is extremely important and desirable that the development of Vinyl Industry in India should be environmentally sustainable and be guided with responsible care, so that it creates value for all Stakeholders and serves for the overall Societal benefits. In order to achieve this objective and to guide, lead, direct and advocate the development of the whole Vinyl Chain in a desirable way, IVC comprising of all Stakeholders within the country has been formed.

As a structured forum for the Vinyl Industry, we would be undertaking numerous activities including the following and make every possible effort towards the welfare of mankind:

  • Promotion and advocating all round development of the entire Vinyl Industry.

  • Assisting and collaborating with the government and non- government bodies and statutory authorities for formulating industry related policies, including codes and standards and to seek representations from such bodies.

  • Collection, authentication and dissemination of information about the contributions made by the Vinyl Polymer products by improving the quality of life of all strata of the society and in the overall nation development.

  • Working towards the welfare of mankind and encouraging responsible care in an environmentally sustainable manner as practiced and specified in circular economy principles & models.

  • Ensuring diffusion of useful knowledge on the state of technology, the market perspectives, other statistics and information on various developments taking place globally, relevant to the Vinyl Industry and allied industries.

  • Encouraging, promoting and supporting standardization and quality assurance programs in the field of Vinyl value chain, to encourage regulatory compliances, good manufacturing and ethical practices and to follow recognized health, safety and environmental standards.