About IVC

The Indian Vinyl Council is set up and exclusively dedicated to the cause of entire PVC value chain. The objective of the forum is to serve all the stakeholders of Vinyl Family, that is, the resin producers, additives and related chemical producers, converters, processing and ancillary equipment manufacturers, recyclers of Vinyl products and the end users. With the active and harmonious participation; the members, end users and the public at large will all stand to reap considerable benefits.

The Council will play a pivotal role as the hub of advocacy between the government (state and central), policy makers, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to pave the way for the industry by eliminating obstacles and opening the doors to expand the market for the Vinyl industry.

  • To promote and advocate all round development of the entire Vinyl industry comprising of all elements of the Vinyl value chain

  • To build a positive image of Vinyl products in eyes of the end-users as well as society at large.

  • To assist and collaborate with the government and non-government bodies and statutory authorities for formulating industry related policies including codes and standards and seek representations from such bodies.

  • To promote and support standardisation and quality assurance programmes to encourage regulatory compliances.

  • To create awareness and educate the end users of the value proposition of PVC products including energy conservation, eco-friendliness and sustainability.

  • To support and encourage innovation, training and skill development within the Vinyl value chain and thereby raise the level of industry to global standards.

  • To institute and/or fund scientific and economic research in the industry connected with PVC and its products.

  • To provide a forum for member associations to collaborate for broadening the market for PVC products.