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Auxiliary equipment at K 2016 to improve productivity, lower overall system and operating costs, save energy.

Auxiliary equipment at K 2016 to improve productivity, lower overall system and operating costs, save energy.

Auxiliary systems, covering a range of supplementary products like conveyors, pelletizers, dryers, blenders,,chillers, material managers, mould changers, etc, help in the manufacturing process of plastic goods and components. Their usage help improve productivity, lower overall system and operating costs, save energy. Some of the displays in this category at K 2016, have been featured

Coperion Corp's UG 750W underwater pelletizer features an innovative corrosion and wear protection concept for a significantly extended die plate service life. In conveying, Coperion will show a newly developed deflector elbow called Gamma-Bend-It that reportedly prevents angel hair buildup. The machine builder's highly automated ITL 250 form-fill-seal pellet-packaging machine will also be on display. In feeding, Coperion K-Tron will show the newly developed Electronic Pressure Compensation that allows for even more precision and reliability in loss-in-weight feeders, as well as the Smart Flow Meter, which is designed to measure bulk material flows gently and reliably at great accuracy.

Italy's Moretto will feature developments in drying, blending, and conveying. Moisture Meter is an in-line, real-time monitor of moisture content in the pellets at the dryer exit. It uses electromagnetic waves to measure moisture content in the pellets (not the drying air) every 10 sec. No calibration is required; the user simply selects the resin from a materials database in the controller. Moretto's XD10 mini-dryer is a small desiccant dryer , incorporates a mini-turbocharger capable of generating the required airflow with power consumption of only 60 W. XD10 comes with a dewpoint equalizer, variable adaptive airflow, double turbine for process and regeneration, and color touchscreen. The new Exa is a mini-central conveying system capable of managing up to six receivers with a single vacuum pump.

Conair is to feature a dense-phase vacuum-conveying system-R-PRO, along with a new conveying control, a mobile drying/conveying unit, among others. New to the market will be the FLX-128 Plus conveying control, which now can be set up to operate the R-PRO system, as well as some of Conair's newer conveying products, including its line-proofing systems. The FLX-128 Plus will in fact control an R-PRO conveying system. Using a combination of centralized I/O and expansion modules, which are interconnected via industrial Ethernet to provide control of up to 128 receivers, 40 pumps (plus 2 back-up pumps) and 256 source valves. It also integrates Conair's newest line-proofing system: Invisible Line Proofing (ILP). A full color touch screen featuring graphical icons is said to ensure intuitive monitoring and operation of up to 40 independently operating vacuum systems.

On display will be a mobile drying/conveying system (MDCW) featuring its newest DC-A touchscreen control interface. Combining a Carousel Plus Dryer with a conveying blower, dust collector and direct-feed vacuum receiver, the MDCW allows processors to convey dried material directly to a machine. Integrated onto a mobile cart, the system features a DCA touchscreen control that reportedly has an intuitive graphical design, minimal text, and no function codes to decipher. To help screens and features auto-start capabilities, the MDCW control has password protection and Conair's drying monitor capabilities built in. In addition, trending capabilities can help simplify maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as drying process optimization. The new DC-A control will also be offered on smaller Conair desiccant-wheel dryers.

Patent-pending Invisible Line Proofing (ILP) system, which uses a proprietary non-electrical sensing technology to confirm that the proper resin source is connected to the selected destination; and a new dual-spindle automatic cut-and-transfer coiler (ATC), designed for high-speed winding of small-diameter extruded tubing and flexible Even at high speeds, little or no friction or tension is generated, preventing deformities. Winding transfers to new reels are fully automated.

Maguire Products Inc will debut receivers that are self-controlled, eliminating the need for central control, while offering simplified connection and installation. Plug-and-play cabling and sequential linking of components are standard for the receivers, which load on a first-in/first-out basis. Vacuum, which is powered by a single-phase brushless motor, is supplied from a "mini-central" unit mounted on a portable floor stand or on the blender frame. Maguire notes that the LoPro's discharge flap is three- to six times wider than the flap on traditional upright receivers, cutting dump time to 1 to 2 sec/cycle, depending on the material's flow properties. The set-time button on the onboard control allows for precise fill-time settings, with both visual and audio alarms if material is not loading correctly. In terms of maintenance, all the LoPro's operating components are housed in a removable module so the receiver can remain in place, for faster on-the-fly cleaning. In addition, modules are interchangeable, so production can continue uninterrupted when service on one module is required. A patented blow-back clears the filter at the end of each cycle, eliminating manual cleaning. Available with the same 5-yr warranty offered on all Maguire equipment, the LoPro runs a a 1.3-Hp (970-watt) single-phase brushless motor, producing a conveying capacity of 650 kg (1300 lb)/hr over 4 m (12 ft) and 500 kg (1000 lb)/hr over 6 m (20 ft).

Frigel, will introduce its portable chiller line and teach attendees how adanced 3PR control technology with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity on its Microgel chiller/temperature control units can improve productivity and profitability. Also on display will be an enhanced and expanded line of Heavygel air-cooled central chillers, which also feature the new control platform. It offers users numerous options while helping them lower costs with "industry-leading" energy efficiency ratings. Designed for global applications, the Heavygel air-cooled chiller line extends to more than 30 models, including units capable of operation in ambient temperatures up to 55 o C (131 o F).

Rollepaal will display Multilayer setup with an output of 2.000kg/hr and an OD of 800mm. Innovations in cooling techniques with a new control panel the cooling tank will be easier to operate. It can be fully integrated into the Rollepaal Extruder panel and has improved connectivity for Ethernet, CANopen and USB. Together with remote software updates these cooling tanks will always be up-to-date with the latest technologies. RBlue stretching unit is a machine in which a PVC pipe is being oriented into a PVC-O pipe. In the Rollepaal RDA, additives as CaCO3, colour, wax are gravimetrical dosed directly to the extruder which simplifies logistics. This leads to smoother pipes, blending energy savings and flexibility of the extrusion line. Rotating scanners (RRS) with moving parts for measuring wall thickness, static scanners (RSS) without any moving parts, measures wall thickness and diameter. 100% coverage of the pipe, compact scanners (RCS) in a special design for small pipe diameters will also be featured.

With this positive approach and with the brands of Piovan, Una-Dyn, Fdm, Penta, and Aquatech, the Piovan Group is attending the K2016. A conveying and dosing system in full operation is a very innovative configuration encompassing the Easylink automatic coupling station, the PureFlo filterless receivers and the new Quantum blenders, along with the new Genesys and Modula drying systems with single and multiple hopper setups. FDM, specializing in the production of advanced solutions for extrusion applications, will display its latest developments in the feeding and metering of powder ingredients. Penta will display the latest innovations for the production of pipes, profiles and cables, along with solutions for the feeding and management of additive materials for the compounding sector. Innovations in high-efficiency industrial cooling solutions will be presented by Aquatech, specializes in advanced cooling technologies, with the new lines of Easycool+ chillers and DigitempEvo thermo-chillers.

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH's HOG Shredder HGM series shredders are designed for size-reducing difficult, especially viscous materials, or materials containing foreign bodies where the service lives of standard granulators are too short and where traditional shredders do not yield the desired end product. Available in wet execution for extremely abrasive materials, such as agricultural film, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), etc. The company's Impact Disc Pulveriser PU Series are high-speed fine grinders used with granular and brittle materials, such as polyethylene (PE) granules or rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The HV ST-150/150 Series step dryer is a vertical step dryer consists of a multiple-stage rotor, dewatering the material via a screen basket. The granules/grinding material enter the machine from the bottom and are transported upward by conveying blades. The diameter of the rotor increases upward following the single steps. The step dryer is ideal for drying grinding material or granules of all different types of thermoplasts, such as polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyamide, polypropylene and polystyrene.

Rapid Granulator, introduces The Raptor Series for plastics shredding. Designed for integrated granulation, the Raptor Series is a shredder and granulator hybrid with the shredder's heavy-duty cutting technology combined with granulator features such as Rapid's "open hearted" design that makes it super-easy to operate, service and clean. The "open hearted" design of the Raptor enables quick and direct access to the shredder rotor and cutter chamber, simplifying the cleaning and service process, according to the manufacturer. The front door, hinged on the side, provides unrestricted access to the rotor and to the screen, which is mounted in the door. Once the front door is open, the shredder hopper mounted on a rear hinge can be tilted back. The FlexiPUSH is a pneumatically driven pusher and is intended for basic applications, including lumpy materials. It can handle large products, such as a 1200-L IBC (intermediate bulk container) for example. The hydraulically powered PowerPUSH maximises output for shredding sheet and film. The cutting chamber features a textured floor to reduce the risk of material adhering or finding its way under the pusher and is offset by 5 degrees to enable liquids to drain away, Rapid says.

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