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Raw materials to achieve better balance between economic and ecological performance at K 2016

Raw materials to achieve better balance between economic and ecological performance at K 2016

Raw materials with superior resource efficiency that help to achieve a better balance between economic and ecological performance will be seen at K 2016. In addition to the optimisation of standard polymers, this year's major topics will centre on additives and fillers, biopolymers and functional polymers as well as on self-reinforcing polymers. K 2016 will present quite a range of higher-performing engineered plastics, including PEEK, High temperature polyamides, PPAs, thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonates, propylene-based elastomers, polyolefin elastomers.

Royal DSM, is demonstrating innovative new applications for its complete portfolio of materials, from markets spanning automotive, electronics and specialized industries such as water management:
High temperature polyamides - Launching a new generation of ultra-high performance polyamides, which will accelerate the rate of replacement of die-cast metals in automotive and industrial applications with Stanyl Diablo for air intake manifold with integrated charge air cooler; an advanced prototype one-piece flexible hot charge air duct for turbocharged engines in Arnitel® HT high temperature resistant thermoplastic copolyester; and products demonstrating the trend towards electric power. These materials are a driving force in lightweighting, downsizing and e-mobility. On the road to zero emissions it's time to think differently.

BASF will launch a new portfolio of PPAs- Ultramid Advanced N. This portfolio comprises unreinforced PPAs and compounds reinforced with short- or long-glass fibers, as well as flame-retardant grades. They exceed the properties of conventional PPAs with consistent mechanicals up to 100 C (212 F), glass-transition temperature of 125 C (257 F), outstanding chemical resistance, low water absorption, and low friction and wear. Short cycle times and a wide processing window are also reported. Suitable for small connectors and function-integrating housings in white goods, consumer electronics, and mobile devices. It can be used in automotive components and structural parts near the engine and gearbox in contact with hot, aggressive media and different fuels. Gear wheels and other wear parts are among other applications.

The Lubrizol Corporation`s Engineered Polymers business will highlight its latest thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) solutions alongside its distributor VELOX® GmbH at K 2016, focusing on the following recent TPU developments for improved mechanical properties:

  • Novel aliphatic TPU expanding the broadest portfolio of color-stable (non-yellowing)and superior staining- and UV-resistant TPU solutions for the design of transparent or light-colored molded parts.
  • New self-healing Estane® VSN 9000 TPU: Lightweight material (more than 50% lower than metal) designed to improve the performance of aesthetically-critical parts by reducing scratches.
  • High-adhesion, soft PearlbondTM 300 plasticizer-free series for bonding of any substrates in the textile market, even difficult ones. The outstanding elasticity of the new soft TPU gives a freedom of movement, as well as comfort and soft touch.
  • New high-performance BounCell-XTM TPU foam: Nitrogen-gas-infused low density recyclable foam providing long-term cushioning and protection in footwear, electronics, protective equipment and automotive applications.
  • New fast and high-heat resistant PearlbondTM 700 series: High-performing solutions for fast setting bonding with good mechanical properties at low temperatures.

Vitrex will feature new types of PEEK and their applications. Included will be new Victrex AE 250 PAEK composites, developed for aerospace applications. For automotive, the company will feature its new online PEEK gears package. A new type of PEEK and a record-length PEEK composite structure in the form of spoolable underwater pipe will highlights of the exhibit's oil and gas section. VELOX GmbH, leading European distributor of specialty materials for the plastics industry, is launching its own new family of PEEK compounds under the brand name Vemab PEEK at K 2016. The product range, which the distributor developed in cooperation with its development laboratory, includes various glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics, tribologically optimized formulas and customer-specific solutions for extrusion and injection molding applications. The company will also be presenting unmodified PEEK in three different viscosities in granulate and powder form for compounding, extrusion, compression and injection molding. Velox partner ADVANC3D Materials GmbH, a specialist in the development, production, sales and distribution of 3D printing materials, will be presenting its current 3D printing materials. In particular, filaments made from different polymers.

Solvay Specialty Polymers will introduce two Technyl product offerings dedicated to the automotive market: a new series of heat performance polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6) for thermal management applications and an innovative PA6.6 range with a specified and controlled halogen content tailored to fit sensitive electrical and electronic applications. Additive manufacturing solutions (i.e. 3D printing) by Solvay will also figure prominently at K 2016. In addition to advances in leveraging specialty polymers for additive manufacturing, the company will introduce new additions to its Technyl Sinterline polyamide (PA) powders line. These new products are specially designed for 3D printing applications and for development of 3D printed prototypes for small series, predictive performance simulation and functional testing

Covestro will showcase new Makrolon PC grades and emerging applications that include wrap-around PC glazing for all-around visibility in electric cars; PC glazing for the cockpit of solar-powered aircraft; and PC sheet for transparent infrastructure construction. New Makrolon 6487, a high-tech, precolored, UV-stabilized PC, was selected earlier this year by Digi International, a global provider of mission-critical machine-to-machine and IoT (internet of things) connectivity products. New Makrolon AX PC injection grades (with and without UV stabilizer) for automotive panoramic roofs as well as roof trim and pillars will be featured. "Cool black" colors were developed to help keep the PC surface cool, while significantly increasing weathering performance.

New materials for 3D printing will also be highlighted by Covestro, which is developing a range of filaments, powders, and liquid resins for all common 3D-printing methods. Current offerings for the fused filament fabrication (FFF) process range from flexible TPU to high-strength PC. TPU powders for selective laser sintering (SLS) are also offered.

SABIC will be showcasing several new products and technologies with a strong focus on sustainability and an underlying theme of "Chemistry that MatterTM. The new SABIC® PP FLOWPACT Product Family, especially the very high MFI grades, are formulated to help customers for thin-wall food packaging applications where a good balance of high stiffness and high flow is required for enabling down gauging, thereby reducing packaging waste and high flow and fast crystallization generates shorter cycle times, thus lowering production costs. The new C8 mPE, POP and POE products using NEXLENETM technology - a cutting-edge technology that combines a solution process and a proprietary metallocene catalyst. The packaging industry will benefit from this new SABIC product family with state-of-the-art molecular design - Bimodal Solution Process with Octene co-monomer - for the manufacture of flexible (food) packaging and wrapping materials that deliver high performance properties.

ExxonMobil will feature Vistamaxx 3588FL, the latest in a line of propylene-based elastomers, said to feature outstanding sealing performance in cast PP and BOPP films; and Enable 40-02 mPE for thin, strong collation shrink films that have excellent combinations of stiffness, tensile strength, holding force, and excellent shrink performance. Such films are well suited for products such as bottled beverages, canned goods, and health, beauty, and cleaning products that require tight, secure secondary packaging and sustainability. A three-layer collation shrink film that includes Enable 40-02 mPE can be processed at 60 μm, 25% thinner than three-layer films of LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, says ExxonMobil.

Borealis is introducing three new Queo polyolefin elastomer (POE) grades with lower densities (0.868-0.870 g/cc) and MFR from 0.5 to 6.6. They are aimed at industrial films, highly resilient flooring (such as playground surfaces and running tracks), cable bedding compounds, hot-melt adhesives, grafted polymers for coex tie layers, and PP modification for TPOs. They boast very high flexibility (<2900 psi modulus), lower melting points (55-75 C/131-167 F), and improved low-temperature performance (glass transition at -55 C/-67 F). Daploy HMS (High Melt Strength) PP for lightweight, closed-cell foams blown with inert gas injection will be featured. PP foams have new potential due to regulations banning EPS foams in various localities. This opens up opportunities in food-service and packaging, such as easily printable cups that are thin like paper cups; and construction and insulation, such as United Nations refugee shelters.

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