Small injection moulding machines for automotive components, houseware and other injection molding applications in 150 tons to 250 tons capacity. Also view list of smaller used plastic injection moulding machines. For more details Read More..

  • Used Injection Moulding MachinesLooking to establish a plastic moulding unit or you upgrade your existing infrastructure? Stop looking around, Plastemart will help you find reliable and cost-efficient injection moulding machines.
    We ensure that when you invest in used injection moulding machines, you enjoy efficiency in production, superior quality, and affordable pricing structure to make your plastic production unit more efficient and productive. We offer a wide range of used injection moulding machines, right from entry level hydraulic machines to high-precision electric machines. We, at Plastemart, make sure you get the right machine at the right price.
  • Hydraulic MachinesOur wide range of used hydraulic injection moulding machines can be used for a number of different applications. Each machine can be adapted for the most commonly used injection moulding techniques. Many of the machines listed here allow you to integrate different peripherals. You will also find that the machines are energy efficient.
    So, if you are looking to repeat accuracy and reliability for certain tasks, the hydraulic machines listed here should meet your requirements.
  • Hybrid MachinesIn case your production unit focuses on thermoplastics processing, you should opt for a hybrid machine. It offers you the speed of an electric machine along with the power of a hydraulic machine. This ensures you enjoy cost-effective and high-quality production.
    Due to simultaneous production sequences and shorter cycle times, you enjoy cost-efficiency, superior quality and high performance.
  • Electric MachinesWhen you are looking for performance, clean room operations, high precision, and energy efficiency, electric plastic moulding machines is just what you need. It allows you to achieve competitive unit cost as well and fast plastic moulding. These types of machines are perfect for complicated injection moulding functions, and the technical details will be precise.
    Electric injection moulding machines require less energy compared to a conventional hydraulic machine. These machines also offer low emissions, thanks to the electric drives that can be cooled by liquids.
  • Cube Mould MachinesWhen it comes to cube moulds, you require a cube injection moulding machine. You can utilise all four sides of the cube simultaneously for your production cycle.
  • Vertical MachinesVertical machine to over-mould inserts with ease. You will find a range of used vertical machines offering ergonomic efficiency in a wide range of clamping force.
    Vertical injection moulding machines can be used for silicone processing, insert moulding, over moulding of tool grips to bring down the per unit cost without compromising quality.
    Browse through our comprehensive list of used vertical injection moulding machines with rotating table, and shuttle arrangement. You will find one that best suits your production requirements.
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Unused tiffin, lunch box moulds

Unused tiffin, lunch box moulds