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For your requirement of extrusion lamination line, extrusion coating lamination plant and coating plant for extrusion coating on paper, films, laminates, woven fabric and other applications as sandwich lamination, tandem lamination write to Also source laminators, laminating machine, double side extrusion lamination coating tandem lamination machine. Manufacturer of Extrusion Coating Lamination Machines, extrusion coating machine, extrusion lamination machine, and extrusion coating equipment

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Laminating Co-Extrusion Line

Extruder - Screw diameter: 120mm & 100mm - Screw L/D ratio: 32:1 - Barrel temperature control: 7 & 5 zones - Motor: 125HP & 100HP - Screen changer: 1 set - Output: 250 ~ 350k......

PCM 2651

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Large capacity chemical storage tanks

Large capacity chemical storage tanks